Rundown 60

My mission was clear. Three objectives were all I needed to accomplish.

Get the job.
Get the symbol.
Get the girl.

I finished the job, and painted in the symbol.

But I didn’t get the girl.


Instead, she got me.



Mission failure.  On to my next assignment.


The song played right on time.

This post is very cheesy and unmanly. But I’ll write it anyway.

I guess I got tired from the game and currently need a break. I need a Queen.

I found one that’s not a game trophy. I guess she’s the perfect choice, because she’s out of the game’s rules. But nobody’s the perfect one right? Unless I made it that way.

Great timing. Girlfriend by Phoenix played on my iTunes. And I’m talking to her right now.

What are the odds.

I’ll make her my Queen.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Always remember.

Anyone who cooks deserves to be loved.

Dose dias para que termine


Well I wonder why on Wednesday last 2 weeks ago, there’s this unending happiness flowing within me. And now, I completely feel despair and lonesome. What, Life, are you trolling on me again? I completely felt this way a million times before. There’s always a time when I can only feel vulnerable, and takes me some days to completely feel revived. I guess this is nostalgia, being homesick. When you have no one to talk to around here. True I have foreign friends but it’s not the same having a laugh with the closest buddies, missing your ex-best friend, missing this one lady I don’t know if I already love or she loves me more, missing out the life I should be living right now. Two weeks to go will come in a whiff, I know. I’ve also been in this situation before. But this is also the hardest part. The twilight when leaving or staying defeats my purpose of staying happy. Being too away of my comfort zone is deadly. I can barely hang on, but I can still.

If only I can sing my feelings, I’m perfectly in tune with The Deepest Blues are Black.

The 3rd of March

I completely sealed the memory of Thailand within me. Forever.


“Pedicab ka ba?


Pedicabang i-date sa Valentine’s day?”

Haha you’re funny. I like you.

Day 3: She was sad.

I can see through her glasses the eyes of a mourning woman. Full of thoughts, memories of a recent heart ache. She slides the messages on her phone, not minding the surrounding, probably reading the letters of the past.

Of someone.

Of something which I did not mean to notice but here I am, spacing out and stalking her movement.

That’s how the story began, and how it will end. On to the next day.

Welcome to the magic show

Disappearing magic act? Aba magaling ata ako diyan. Yung tipong nakikita mo ako, pero nakikita mo ba talaga ako? Kaboom. Magic.

Matagal na kong magaling magmagic. Bihasang bihasa.

At least one person smiling each day

There’s this girl.

How many times have I started a story with those words. Just like any poet and any writer of romance, every piece begins with a background on the main interest of the protagonist. And so, it was always a woman. I faced it ages ago: a story of mine only depends on who I love at those times.

Now, it’s all different.

No more stories about this girl. This girl I fancy right now.

It will just be between the two actors on play. No more myths about alphabets and letters, no more time for writing my love life on a newspaper, no more putting destiny over Beetle cars or creating novels out of a muse. It’s reality starting now.

It won’t begin with a there was this girl intro.

Oh, on second thought, it probably might not be about any girl anymore. It’ll just focus on my new story. A new breather.

It will start simply like this:

I woke up, woke up at last.

vignette 1

“… she’s that girl, always with the pointed boots, walking noisily along the corridors of the school. Slim pants, boots and tank tops. Who’s fashion would that be? That was hers, and only she can pull it fine. Along with her wavy hair, and plus 1 with that Aviator shades.

Why was she always wearing that glasses? Was she crying every night?

Anyway, no. I don’t like her. She just put in a character in my mind about this famous gal that anyone notices and every male wants to fuck.

I want to fuck her too, but not here. Not near the top of my list. C’mon, guys like to fuck any walking human with a vagina.

No I don’t have feelings for her. As like others, she was just a face in the crowd. …”

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